Identity checks

When you sign up for an account with us, we're required to run an identity check to confirm your details. This is not a credit check and does not affect your credit score.

If you do not initially pass the identity check, please do not be concerned. It simply means that there is not enough publicly available information to verify you at the address you have provided. If you do not pass, we will email you to request further documentation. The email will link to our partners, Trunarrative. You will be able to upload documents securely to Trunarrative.

We will need a clear colour scan, clear photo or a pdf. The full document needs to be visible with no concealed information.

We will need both:

a) Proof of your ID in the form of a UK or international passport or a UK driver’s license.


b) Proof of your home address which can be one of the following dated within the last three months

Utility Bills

- Electric, Gas

- Landline Telephone

- Driving License. This must be the photo I.D which specifies the issue date as no older than 3 months

- Solicitors completion letter, must confirm that completion has happened and the date or a completed and signed Tenancy Agreement, by both the Tenant and the Landlord

- Council Tax Bills and Department of Work and Pensions

- Bank Statements

- Credit Card Statements