Behind the brand - meet the new FairFX

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James Bruce

Head of Marketing & Design

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Our new look goes far beyond a fresh coat of paint, it’s the latest step in our journey as part of the Equals Group to becoming the leading consumer payments business in the UK.

As an established and award-winning business since 2007, FairFX has always focused on delivering great products and services to our one million plus customers.  But the world is evolving at a rapid pace, and we’re on a mission to bring you the very best of financial technology combined with expert personal service to help you get more from your money.

And so, in the face of a global pandemic and mass restrictions on international travel, we undertook an ambitious project to upgrade our technology, change our banking partners, and launch a new card, website and app. At a time when we were unable to physically work side-by-side, our 300-strong team came together like never before to bring you a refreshed brand that has been designed to make your experience with us better than ever.

So, when you are finally able to travel again, you’ll have even more ways to enjoy yourself and take advantage of the benefits that FairFX has to offer - great rates, low fees, generous cashback and unrivalled service to name a few.

Our new look

A brand refresh is always an exciting opportunity for a business, especially a long-standing and trusted one like FairFX. The internal design team were challenged to pay homage to our heritage and well-established identity, but also evolve and move the brand forward, ensuring it’s dynamic and functional across a variety of platforms with a sharper focus to encourage transparency and trust in our products and services, and be distinctive in our category.

A brand refresh is always an exciting opportunity for a business, especially a long-standing and trusted one like FairFX.

Our new logo encompasses everything that we as a business are about.

We were founded on foreign exchange (FX), but over the years our products and services have grown beyond this. One thing that has never waivered however, is our focus on fairness - fair rates, fair fees and fair service. That’s why the emphasis of our new branding is on ‘Fair’.

Proportions are more balanced and legibility increased. It also becomes part of a bigger family, drawing on the typeface and “=” mark used for the Equals Group identity.

The new ‘F’ mark also exemplifies movement, motion and action - forward thinking.

We have a fresh set of primary colours inspired by beach scenes and coastlines - both visual representations of FairFX helping to take you and your money further.

The blue of the sky leads our colour palette, closely followed by the green seas and sandy beaches. The mango is also a nod to our parent brand, the Equals Group.

Beach scene


Sky Blue

Sea Green

Sea Foam White

Sunset Mango

Primary colour palette

Our new cards are instantly recognisable, allowing our new sky blue to take centre stage. We have added a ‘notch’ to assist visually impaired customers with card transactions and ATM withdrawals. Card numbers are on the reverse for added security, minimising the risk of anyone taking your details. We’re also excited about our sea green linked cards, which customers can give to friends, family and partners to use at home and abroad, whilst always staying in control of funds.

FairFX Currency Card and linked card

New card design

A typeface fit for purpose

All typography has been aligned to use the same as the custom Equals Group font family. A bespoke font family creates uniformity across the group’s businesses and shapes the character and personality of the core brand identity. Designed for clarity, the Equals font has better legibility and readbility across online and offline media.

Equals Bold



Equals SemiBold



Equals Regular



Equals Light



To help you manage your new FairFX Currency Card whilst on the move, we also created a new mobile app. Using the latest mobile technology, we’ve developed a bunch of exciting features as well as a modern but functional design that all come together for a better user experience.

FairFX icon
FairFX app explore page
FairFX app screens
App store buttonGoogle Play button

As you have already seen, our website, which includes your online FairFX account, has also undergone a makeover with a simplified layout and refined functionality to make managing your account easier than ever before.

FairFX website homepage

A rebooted visual identity doesn’t stop there. Our photography styling is refreshed to make it more dynamic, energetic and fun, showcasing candid snapshots of real people in situations you could picture yourself in. Leading with a sky blue hint of colour to reinforce our brand colour palette, keeping it simple and modern.

FairFX photography style

An illustration style has also been introduced to help convey key messaging and benefits in a simple, visual form. Illustration is a new approach for us at FairFX but one that helps to modernise our branding and make the way in which we share information more dynamic.

FairFX illustrative style

Over to you...

The new FairFX is here and ready for you to dive into. Go ahead and browse the rest of the new site, order a multi-currency card and download the new app.

We’re still the same business you love with the same award-winning service, but now with a fresh look and great new customer experiences.

We hope you love it as much as we do.

The FairFX Team.