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The next chapter of FairFX: Your Currency Card

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In 2007, FairFX was founded on the basis of getting holidaymakers a better deal on their travel money using technology. Banks charged excessive fees with unattractive exchange rates, and continue to do so. We are proud at FairFX to continually strive to develop innovative solutions to help our customers’ money go further.

The FairFX Currency Card is the latest step. The upgraded card offers multi-currency functionality, with the ability to hold 15 major currencies on one card. This means that customers can pay in the local currency, further avoiding conversion charges, and with the added bonus of reducing the amount of plastic we issue. Your convenience and the safety of your funds are paramount to us, and we’ve applied the same ethos to our new Currency Cards, with new apps utilising the latest technology, and our refreshed brand.

What are the benefits of the FairFX Currency Card?

Add money and exchange on you computer or mobile app
Pause and resume, and freeze your card at any time
Order replacement card on the go if lost or stolen, to keep your funds secure
Great rates to get you more for your money
Multi-currency card - hold 15 currencies on one card and spend in 190 countries
Linked Cards to share funds with family, friends and helpers
Up to 3.5% cashback at top UK shops including Boots, Sainsbury’s and Argos

You can discover more about the FairFX Currency Card here.

Why have we launched a new card?

The launch was spurred on by the news in June this year that our issuing bank, Wirecard Card Solutions would no longer be a viable partner, and would not be able support our existing FairFX cards and platform beyond October 2020. We used this news to re-evaluate our offering, and by July a new card was ready - the upgrade project commenced.

In the last three months we’ve sent over one million emails inviting customers to upgrade to our new multi-currency card. We’ve had teams from across the business help with customer support emails, calls, and live chat to help answer as many queries as possible, as quickly as we could. We are proud to have helped 9 out of 10 customers upgrade to the FairFX Currency Card - with more cards ready to be ordered by both existing and new customers.

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queries resolved

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invitations sent

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9 in 10

customers upgraded

The dedication and hours put in by teams across our business to make this transition as seamless as possible for our loyal customers, in what are challenging times, is truly heart-warming.

We really do understand that this change may have been disruptive to some of our customers, but we have been overwhelmed with the support and excitement so many of you have shown for the new Currency Card.

What if I haven’t upgraded my card?

As indicated in our emails, our old FairFX Euro, Dollar and Everywhere Cards, will stop working on Monday 26th October, 2020.

If you’re one of our customers who did not have the chance to upgrade before this date, you can order a new Currency Card, with your balance applied, by logging into your account from 31st October 2020.

If you require a card between 26th and 31st October, please get in touch with our friendly customer services team over live chat, who will be happy to send this out to you. If you are abroad and need assistance, please email

What are Linked Cards?

With the upgrade of our cards, we took a fresh look at our Family and Friends product and have relaunched this as Linked Cards. We took this opportunity to address the pain points and ideas that many customers and members of the team had expressed, and are proud to have created a more streamlined and functional way of sharing funds. We have since issued 10,000 cards to existing customers, and look forward to launching publicly in November.

With Linked Cards, you can order multi-currency cards for your friends, family and helpers. You can load money onto their card, review transactions and manage their card, all while on the go, using our new app.

We’re thrilled to have you onboard and we hope you’re as excited as we are about what’s to come.