Top tips for buying property abroad

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Anna Meehan

Buying property abroad comes with a range of considerations, from tax to legal advice to foreign exchange rates. Here are our top tips for things to consider when it comes to buying a property abroad.

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Top tips for buying property abroad:

Research the local property market 

Before buying, it’s important to research the local property market thoroughly. Find out about local property laws, taxes, and regulations, and familiarise yourself with the local property market. You might consider consulting with a local estate agent who has experience working with foreign buyers.

Get legal advice 

Seeking legal advice is crucial to ensure that you comply with local laws and regulations when buying property abroad. Having a local solicitor who can help you navigate the local legal system and ensure that all legal requirements are met is important. Your solicitor can also advise you on any taxes or fees associated with buying property in the country you’re considering.

Understand the currency exchange rate

Understanding the currency exchange rate is important when buying property abroad. Using a currency specialist like FairFX can give you access to great rates for more than 100 currencies. You can also buy currency when the rate is favourable and hold it securely in your FairFX account ready for future payments. This does mean that you’re committed to the rate you’re holding regardless of how it moves after the fact. However, the commitment  gives you stability and certainty when planning a move.  

Be aware of tax implications

Different countries have different tax laws, and it’s important to be aware of the tax implications of buying property abroad. It could be helpful to speak with a tax professional who can advise you on any taxes or fees associated with owning property in the country you’re considering.

Have a plan for managing the property

If you’re buying property abroad, you’ll need to have a plan for managing the property, whether you plan to rent it out or use it as a holiday home. A property management company would be able to help you manage the property while you’re away.

Buying property comes with its own challenges. Buying property abroad comes with even more challenges with exchange rates and the foreign exchange market. If you’re buying a property abroad and want expert, human support on international payments, get in touch with FairFX today.

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