What are spend limits and how do they work?

Euan Robb

In a new feature to the FairFX platform and cards, you can implement spend limits to help control spending across your FairFX account.

What are spend limits?

Spend limits are custom limits that can be set for FairFX cards by the "Main account holder".

Without a spend limit, cards can spend from the full available balance linked to the cards, depending on the retailer or other network restrictions. Regardless of the spend limit, if there are insufficient funds within the balance associated with the card, the transaction will be declined.

There are two kinds of custom spend limits: spend limits and max single transaction value. You can use both limits, just one, or neither.

Spending limits allow a customer to set a certain amount of money a card can spend within one of four timeframes:

  • Daily (Limit refreshes every day at 00:00 UTC.)
  • Weekly (Limit refreshes every Monday at 00:00 UTC.)
  • Monthly (Limit refreshes the 1st day of every month at 00:00 UTC.)
  • Lifetime (Limit does not automatically refresh.)

Max single transaction value helps you control spending in a different way by allowing you to restrict any individual transactions over a specified amount on any specific card.  

With spend limits, you'll be able to stay on top of spending across all FairFX cards associated with your account.

How do spend limits work?

Setting limits for the first time

When you select a particular card via the “Cards” page, if a card has no spend limits set, you’ll see “No spending limits currently set”. Simply click the button, and you’ll be taken to the page to activate and decide on your limit amounts.

Once limits are set

You’ll see a bar which shows the spend limit amount and time frame, this bar indicates how much of the limit remains within the time frame you’ve chosen. As you begin to spend on the card, the blue colour filling the bar will begin to reduce.

If a max transaction value is set, you’ll see this amount also.

Editing existing spend limits

To change limits, simply click the “Change limits” option.

Important note: if you’re changing a spend limit, the amount spent in your chosen time frame may carry over to your new limit.

For example: A card has a spend limit of £100.00 per week and you’ve spent £50.00 on it already. If you change that spend limit to £200.00 per week instead, the £50.00 you’ve already spent will still count towards the new limit. As long as you’re spending in the same week, the card will have a limit of £150.00 of the £200.00 within the weekly allowance.

If you have any further questions about spend limits, please get in touch.