Euro card vs. multi-currency card: Which is best for UK travellers?

Euan Robb

When preparing for a trip abroad, one crucial decision every UK traveller faces is how best to manage their finances.

Should you go with a euro card tailored for your Mediterranean holiday or a multi-currency card for a multi-stop adventure? In this post, we'll compare the euro card and multi-currency card, ultimately revealing why FairFX's Currency Card offers a combination of convenience and great value for all your foreign exchange needs.

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Euro card vs. multi-currency card

What is a euro card?

A euro card is a prepaid travel card pre-loaded with euros. It's specifically designed for spending in the eurozone, offering travellers the benefit of competitive rates and reduced foreign transaction fees within this region.

Advantages of a euro card:

  1. Simplicity: If your travels are centred in the eurozone, a euro card offers a straightforward spending solution.
  2. No foreign transaction fees: Enjoy fee-free spending within the Eurozone.
  3. Locked-in rates: Exchange your GBP for euros when the rate is favourable and lock it in.

What is a multi-currency card?

A multi-currency card, as the name suggests, allows you to load and spend in multiple currencies. It's the jack-of-all-trades in the world of travel cards, offering flexibility for those whose travel itineraries span multiple countries.

Advantages of a multi-currency card:

  1. Versatility: Ideal for travellers hopping between countries with different currencies.
  2. Multiple wallets: Keep several currencies loaded at once, ready for use.
  3. Cost-effective: Minimise currency conversion fees by spending in the local currency of your destination.

Why FairFX’s Currency Card is the ultimate choice

FairFX's Currency Card combines the benefits of both a euro card and a multi-currency card, making it a no-brainer for UK travellers.

  • All-in-one solution: Whether you're sipping coffee in Paris or shopping in Tokyo, the FairFX card has you covered.
  • Competitive exchange rates: FairFX promises not just convenience but also value with its competitive exchange rates for 20 major currencies.
  • Spend globally: From the slopes to the sea, the FairFX Currency Card can be used in over 190 countries, in more than 35 million locations around the world, wherever Mastercard is accepted.
  • Seamless top-up: Whether you're topping up in euros, US dollars, or yen, the process is smooth, easy, and can be done with the FairFX mobile app.
  • Unparalleled support: FairFX’s customer support ensures you're never alone, no matter where you are in the world.


While dedicated euro cards offer simplicity for eurozone travels and multi-currency cards promise flexibility for global adventures, FairFX's Currency Card provides the best of both worlds. For UK travellers seeking both convenience and great rates the choice is clear: FairFX is the way to go.

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