Terms & conditions

Travel money

1. Scope of this agreement

We will deal with you on:

1.1 These terms of business.

1.2 The general terms and conditions and any other additional terms issued by us.

1.3 Together referred to as this ‘agreement.’ These terms are the only ones one which govern both FairFX and you in relation to any order you may place.

2. Instructions

Your instructions to purchase travel money must be placed through your account at www.fairfx.com or through the FairFX app. The only person authorised to give us instructions is yourself.

In entering into this agreement, you warrant and understand that:

• Late arrival of funds may result in delays in delivery of travel money.
• We act only as an introducing broker and are not providing you with any advice regarding your decisions to buy or sell foreign currency. We will only accept payments from you.

    3. The services

    3.1 We will provide facilities for you to buy travel money.

    3.2 By creating an order, you instruct FairFX to issue travel money to you. Once an order has been entered into it cannot be altered, cancelled or rescinded. Each new order constitutes a separate contract subject to these terms and conditions.

    3.3 When making an order you rely solely on your own judgement. If we provide you with information concerning any matter including (without limit) the foreign exchange markets, it is on a voluntary basis and we do not accept responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of such information or assume any duty of care in relation to it. We do not offer advice under this agreement on any matter including (without limit) the merits or otherwise of any currency transactions, on taxation or markets.

    3.4 We may at our absolute discretion refuse any order without giving any reason and without liability for any loss or damage incurred by you or any other party.

    3.5 We will not transfer to you any funds representing the benefit of any fluctuation in travel money arising after an order has been entered into.

    3.6 We may request from you, from time to time any information regarding you and your business and financial affairs, status and identity including, without limitation, any information required for compliance with legislation governing money laundering or other matters.

    3.7 You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of all information submitted to us by you and must not withhold or omit any information that would render those details false or inaccurate. You must notify us immediately if you become aware of any error or omission.

    4. Payments

    4.1 FairFX accepts no responsibility should you send currency to another bank account other than what is stated on instructions received from FairFX.

    4.2 All payments made by you under this agreement shall be free from and without setoff, withholding, counterclaim or deduction whatsoever. We shall make all deliveries due to you under this agreement in full unless required by law to make deductions.

    4.3 All funds provided by you under an order may be appropriated by us if we incur any liability in respect of any payment or in the event that you are unable to pay sums due to us and/or you are in breach of this agreement.

    4.4 FairFX may, at our discretion, make payments to third party introducers.

    5. Delivery

    5.1 Orders received before 13:00 on a working day will be processed and issued by Royal Mail Next Working Day Delivery, unless Saturday delivery is requested. This is subject to appropriate due diligence checks. A copy of Royal Mail’s terms and conditions are available from Royal Mail upon request.

    5.2 Should you place an order on a non-working day then FairFX will execute the order as per your instructions the first working day following placement of the order.

    5.3 It is your responsibility to have someone available to sign for the order. Royal Mail will attempt delivery to the requested address before 13:00. Any member of your household may sign to confirm delivery.

    5.4 Any delivery times quoted by FairFX are estimates only and FairFX does not accept liability for late deliveries. Once a package has been collected by Royal Mail for delivery it is outside of FairFX’s control. Royal Mail may deliver, or attempt to deliver, on a Saturday, even if you have not selected the guaranteed Saturday delivery service.

    5.5 If no one is in residence at your address when Royal Mail attempts to deliver, the order will be held at your local collection point. Royal Mail will provide notification as to where this is on a “Something for you” card. The order must be collected from the same collection point as specified by Royal Mail.

    5.6 On collection you will need to present the “Something for you card” and government approved photographic personal identification (for example, a passport or driving licence).

    5.7 The package will only be held at the collection point for a limited amount of time (typically 5 business days after the collection date). FairFX cannot guarantee that you will be able to collect the package after the collection date specified in the order. If you believe you will be unable to collect the package on the date specified in the order, you must notify FairFX as soon as possible.

    5.8 If you fail to:
    i. accept delivery of the package.
    ii. collect the package from the Royal Mail after a failed delivery;

      Once the package has been returned to FairFX, you may request a refund of its original payment subject to a buyback rate, or request FairFX to attempt re-delivery subject to additional postal costs.

      5.9 You must not sign for any package which has, in any way, had its packaging ruptured or tampered with. FairFX will not accept any responsibility or liability for any shortage if you have signed for a package which been ruptured or tampered with. A “shortage” means a situation where the amount of currency ordered is greater than the amount of currency actually delivered in a package. If the package has been damaged or tampered with you must reject delivery and inform FairFX immediately.

      5.10 If there is a shortage in any package you must notify FairFX within 48 hours after receipt of the package. In the event that you notify FairFX of a shortage, FairFX may review its CCTV footage of the package being packaged for delivery.

      5.11 If for any reason you do not receive a package and FairFX agrees to send you a package of replacement travel money and you subsequently receive the original package, you agree to return the original. If you do not return the original package within 14 days, FairFX reserves the right to charge you for the package of replacement currency.

      5.12 If, due to an error by FairFX, you receive more currency than ordered in a package, then you agree to return the excess travel money to FairFX within 14 days of receipt of the package. FairFX agrees to reimburse you for any reasonable postage costs associated with the return of excess travel money in accordance with this clause.

      6. Collection

      6.1 FairFX offers a collection service from a number of partners. The partners available to collect from will be displayed during the order process.

      6.2 You must collect the package from the same collection point as specified during the order process.

      6.3 Our partners will request government approved photographic personal identification (for example, a passport or driving licence) and the debit/credit card used in the order when collecting a package. If personal identification is not provided the package cannot be handed to you.

      6.4 If you choose to collect from a branch of City Forex the order will be available 15 minutes after you have received the confirmation email confirming that your order has been accepted and is available for collection.

      6.5 Collection from other partners are dependant on Royal Mail. Orders place before 13:00 on a working day will be processed and issued by Royal Mail Next Working Day Delivery and will be ready for collection the following working day from the date of order.

      6.6 The relevant track and trace number will be provided on your confirmation email so that you are aware when the order will be available for collection. FairFX does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided by Royal Mail’s track and trace service.

      6.7 The package will only be held at the collection point for a limited amount of time (typically five business days after the collection date). FairFX cannot guarantee that you will be able to collect the package after the collection date specified. If you believe you will be unable to collect the package on the date specified, you will need to notify FairFX as soon as possible.

      6.8 If you do not collect the package with five business days the package may be returned. Should you request, FairFX will buy back the currency at the prevailing buyback rate.

      7. Buy back

      7.1 FairFX offers the option to buy back currency for pound sterling through our partner City Forex Ltd (City Forex). City Forex Ltd is wholly owned by the FairFX Group Plc.

      7.2 It is not necessary to have purchased your currency from either FairFX or City Forex. All buy back orders must be sent to City Forex, 145 -146 Leadenhall Street, London, EC3V 4QT. All orders are posted at the customers risk and should be insured, as recommended, to the value enclosed. Any lost items must be claimed by you from your chosen postal service.

      7.3 City Forex will buy any currency listed on the website www.fairfx.com/travel-money provided that the currency comes in note form and is in circulation. Coinage of any kind cannot be accepted. You will be charged to return any coinage or outmoded notes which are received, or it will be donated to charity.

      7.4 We are also unable to buy any €500.00 EUR notes or 1,000 CHF (Swiss Franc) notes. If you send any of these denominations, you will be charged to return them.

      7.5 Currency received will be counted and scrutinised. Should it be discovered that a note is fake then it will be passed to the relevant authorities. City Forex cannot send such fake notes back to you.

      7.6 Once your currency and the completed buy back flyer has been received by City Forex you will be contacted to agree a buy back rate. The agreed pound sterling price for your currency will be made via a bank transfer directly to you the same day or next working day dependent on bank cut off times. If you require a buy back flyer please do contact us at help@fairfx.com.

      7.7 If you do not agree to the buy back rate then City Forex will be happy to return the currency to you via Royal Mail Next Working Day delivery. The exact Royal Mail delivery fee will be deducted from the currency received.